Wanna be FA? Read this first as your essential guide !!

To become any type of flight attendant, in any corner of the world, you will have to go to training. As a commercial flight attendant, the airline that hires you will pay for your training.

It is completely unnecessary to go to a flight attendant training academy outside of the airline’s training. Do NOT waste your money on one of those flight attendant training academies.

Just start applying to the airlines! Your initial investment to become a commercial flight attendant really doesn’t take a monetary investment, but simply requires that you invest time to fix up your resume, apply online and complete the test and interview process.

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Prepare yourself for an exciting career and travel the globe.

Have knowledge is our best advice! All successful and exciting journeys start with a plan! We encourage everyone to ensure they have the knowledge they need and that’s what our expertise provides. Paket Pramugari V2 and the bonus were specifically designed to provide leading edge knowledge to those who wish to enter the aviation industry.

Wanna be FA
Many factors play a part in you becoming a crew member. In addition to personality, ability, and customer service experience - knowledge is critical to your success. Paket Pramugari V2 is designed to give you that knowledge.

it provide:
1. High quality, easy-to-follow information
2. A detail FA test
3. Many of interesting bonus files to enhance your knowledge and learning experience

Paket Pramugari V2 offers the first and most comprehensive sources for your Flight Attendant test! Become a Cabin Crew and follow your dreams!

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